Exceptional change of menu

Today November 12

Due to provider failure, exceptionnaly we will serve a Quorn instead of meatballs to the 3rd service (secondary students).

We apologize for this inconvinient independent of our will. 

- Canteen team

Today's special

Tuesday November 12

Beef meatball, tomato sauce, peas

Pan-fried potatoes

Dessert : Kiwi

Canteen: Use of replacement tickets


In the context of a broader effort to improve communication about APEEE services, the Canteen Working Group (WG) would like to introduce parents to the use of replacement tickets as indicated in point 3.2 of our Canteen Regulation (https://apeeeb3.be/sites/default/files/uploads/APEEE_Ixelles_HORECA_Regulation_EN.pdf ).

Wednesday take-away lunch for primary students – let us know your interest!


Dear parents,

Following your requests, the WG Canteen together with the canteen management is exploring the possibility to offer a take-away lunch for primary students on Wednesdays as of next school year. The offer is aimed at primary students taking the regular school bus and thus without possibility to have a hot lunch in the canteen. The precise timing and modalities of the service would be decided upon only later according to the actual demand.

World Food Safety Day

7 June 2019

Dear Parents, 

On Friday, 7 June 2019 we will celebrate the first World Food Safety Day.  The United Nations has declared this day to draw global attention to the health consequences of contaminated food and water.

The Canteen WG wishes to participate in celebrating the World Food Safety Day by spreading the word about safe food practices and communicating on some essential food safety measures taken at our school canteen. 

New in the canteen: Online charging of the cafeteria badge


Dear parents,


As part of improvement of our services, we are proud to present you 2 new functionalities for the cafeteria badge of your child:


- you can now recharge the badge online without giving cash to your child

- you can see online the history of transaction made by your child in the cafeteria


Wednesday take-away lunch for secondary students


Dear parents,

Results of the Canteen satisfaction survey 2018

Dear parents, dear students,

Working group for canteen analysed all your replies to the Canteen satisfaction survey launched in June 2018.

We received in total 564 responses which covered approximately 30% of the children enrolled in the canteen.

We would like to thank to all of you for the participation on our survey.

The overall satisfaction rate with the canteen services seems to be positive. We are delighted that certain improvements in the operation of the canteen are appreciated by you (starters for smallest children, introduction of soup, etc.)