Daily menu

Thursday 26/04/2018

Turkey roast, homemade mashed apple, homemade puree

Canteen direct debit

Please note the following information concerning canteen registration and 3rd term canteen fees payments:

How to contact the APEEE

The new communications methods and time will be in place as of December 1st 2017 

A. By phone
In order to provide an optimal service for each of the services of the APEEE, we inform you that all calls regarding general information or for specific information will be processed only during the following hous depending each service every working day of the school. 

Wednesday - canteen lunch

We remind you that on Wednesday:

- if your child takes the bus home, he/she cannot take any lunch in the canteen

- if your child is registered with the garderie and even if he/she has an extracurriculum activity, you pay already the lunch with the garderie

In both case, you should not register your child with canteen.