Tasks of the APEEE

  • represent the pedagogical interest of pupils and families in the decision making process of the school (representation of parents in the Administrative Board of the school, in the Consultative Council of the School (CEE), in the Education Councils etc.; representation of parents at Interparents and in other fora)
  • help parents to solve problems which their children might encounter during their time at school (assistance and advice to parents).
  • encourage the participation of parents in the school life (as class representatives, members of the Administrative Board of the APEEE, helping out in the school libraries, at the Springfest, etc.)
  • manage the school transport (100 bus lines per day, 3 services every day, except of Wednesday (only 2), and 2070 pupils transported every day)
  • manage the after-school activities, in collaboration with the school (about 1,000 pupils, more than 248 different activities, courses given by more than 70 experts)
  • manage the canteen, in cooperation with the school (more than 2,000 pupils inscribed, 4 hot meal services, 4 days per week, prepared on site, cafeteria for the secondary school)