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The bus monitors

Bus companies and drivers. The APEEE collaborates with six bus companies that are specialised in school transport, The bus drivers are employed by the bus companies and are bound by the legal obligations and responsibilities that are set out in the contracts signed with the APEEE. For more information on the role and obligations of bus drivers, please see the APEEE Transport Regulation.

Bus monitors. APEEE employs the bus monitors that supervise the children on the buses, either adults (notably from ALE Ixelles), or upper secondary pupils (S6-S7) of our school that are assigned to their own bus. For small mini buses, the bus drivers assume this responsibility. Adult monitors are present on all first departure buses, buses serving the OIB garderies (expect on Wednesdays when this task is assumed by OIB monitors) and second departure buses with primary/nursery pupils following extra-curricular activities. Pupils of nursery are escorted to the nursery hall in the morning by their bus monitors or other APEEE staff. For more information on the role and obligations of bus monitors, please see the APEEE Transport Regulation.

Supervisors are present on the school premises to ensure the safety of all concerned on arrival/departure. Particular attention is paid to pupils of the nursery and lower primary sections who are accompanied to and from the buses by the staff.