The transport office is located on the ground floor of the administrative building (building A) of the school. The entrance is on the right immediately before the nursery hall, then doors on the right.

It is open from 7.15 until 17:45 on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. On Wednesdays, the transport office is open from 7.15 until 14.00.

New number:

02 211 40 03 from 10am until midday
You could call during open hours in case of urgent matters

Cell phone 0473/88.53.52


The transport office manager is Ms Isabelle CALLENS-ALEXANDRE. The assistants Ms Emilia JARVIS and Mrs Phylis MICHAEL.

Photo Isabelle Photo Emilia

The transport office runs the daily business of the transport service and acts as an interface between all stakeholders (School direction, APEEE transport committee, bus companies and their staff, parents and pupils).

The transport office is always ready to listen to students’ concerns and to resolve them immediately wherever possible. Parents should please encourage their children to speak to Isabelle in the transport office at once if they are in any distress, if they experience a problem, or if they wish to call home. The transport office is there to address concerns on the spot, so that all the students may return home in comfort and security.

The APEEE transport committee is composed of two parent representatives. In 2017-2018 , these representatives are:: Fany Zarifopoulou, Jakub Nice and Kamila Kaukiel .