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Each language section is represented on the APEEE Board and on the School Education Council (EC) both at secondary and nursery/primary level. The section representatives (one for primary and one for secondary) are elected by the class representatives of each language section. One representative for the whole of the nursery section is elected from all the nursery class representatives.

Unless otherwise indicated, please contact the language section reps via your class representative

Contact Info
School Education Council
School Education Council
CZ Kveta Janouskova Katerina Oresanska Jakub Nice Kveta Janouskova
DE Doris Gradenegger Andrea Braun Barbara Eggers Robert Wein
EL Eleanna Stergiouli Eleanna Stergiouli Giorgos Georgiannakis Panayota Balopoulou / Giorgos Georgiannakis
EN* Sarah Buckley Collins Stephanie Beilhartz Yvonne Stausbøll Philippa Stewart
ES Adan Castillo Diaz María José Castellano Fuentes Elena Martin Alonso Verónica Reigosa Pasquier
FR Agnes Boucheron Carlo Chemaly Christine Courillon
NL Marc van Leeuwen Katharina VON SCHNURBEIN Ronald Albers Patrick Jacobs Gijs Schilthuis

*Irish Language Contact: Micheal O’CONCHUIR
APEEE Board : Viola Gros - DE section
Education Council (N/P): Magdalena Spooner - NL section
SWALS/Slovak (Students Without A Language Section):
In schools where the section corresponding to a pupil’s mother tongue/dominant language does not exist, he/she will generally be enrolled in one of the vehicular language sections (remark – English, French, German). He/She will attend the classes in his/her mother tongue/ dominant language organised for so-called SWALS (Students Without A Language Section) as L1. Parents will not be free to choose their child’s first language (L1), its determination being the responsibility of the school’s Director. L1 must correspond to the child’s mother tongue or dominant language, in the case of multilingual children, the dominant language being the one of which they have the best command.
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