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Second Hand Book Sale


The purpose of the book-sale is to allow text books to be reused. This helps families, on one hand to recover some residue value of the used books, and to reduce the expenses of getting new books on the other.
This is run by parent-volunteers, independent of the administration of EEB3 and APEEE. Although the booksale web page appears in APEEE website, it is not the responsibility of APEEE. Queries should be directed to the email address below:
Date Drop-off
(Sellers can drop off their
‘acceptable’ books for sale)
(Students can buy
secondhand books)
Visit registration
Not available yet July/September - details to follow July/September - details to follow Register here (link)
Not available yet July/September - details to follow July/September - details to follow Register here (link)
Not available yet July/September - details to follow July/September - details to follow Register here (link)

Seller, what you must know and do

Is your book
acceptable for sale?
The book must
  • • be in one of the following languages: Dutch, English, French, German, Spanish
  • • be in the school’s book-list of the new academic year
  • • be in reasonable condition (as opposed to having lost its cover, being half torn, etc.)
  • • not be a workbook or an exercise book.
Dropping your books

If you drop your books during a sale-day, somebody in the team will check the acceptability of your books.

On other occasions, there may not be anybody to check. In that case, please make sure all your books are acceptable for sale (please see above).

Books not in the official book-list that are dropped off carelessly will be disposed of.

Identify your books

Use the bookslip (link to a PDF bookslip) to tag each of your books.

Stick the bookslip on the inside cover
(Stick it with a simple sellotape/scotch-tape. Don’t glue it.)

In the bookslip, these 2 items must be valid for the next 5 years:

  • • Your email
  • • Your bank account details (•Account holder name, •Address, •IBAN)

Untagged books will be sold and the money will be donated to the library.


The cost of your text book is fixed at ½ of the current shop price
(We often use Librarie Européenne as our reference.)

Reading books:

  • • Shakespear books €4 as your cost
  • • Other authors €3 as your cost

The sale price is €1 + Cost.

  • • The €1 is for the school library.
  • • The Cost is returned to you by electronic fund transfer (the account in bookslip)

Sellers will see credit(s) in their bank account by October if their books are sold.

Retention period

5 years. If your book is not sold in that after 5 years, it is automatically given to a charity.

We work with Mme Isabelle Callen in the transport office to ship these old books to a school in Senegal.

Responsibility The booksale group is not responsible for books that are lost or stolen while they are in our possession. If you do not agree with this, you should refrain from selling your books through us.
Know what
you need
  • • Identify the list (from many) which is relevant to you
  • • Mark out those books that you need
  • • Take note of their •authors, •titles & •ISBNs
  • • Bring these notes to the booksale on the day.
Language sections

There are 4 language sections in the EEB3 booksale, •Dutch, •English, •French, •German & •Spanish. Look for your book in the corresponding language section.

If you are doing English as your L2 or L3, go to the English section to look for your English book.


Cash only.

No refund

Once the book is sold, we do not accept any request for a refund.

Please ensure each book contains a completed book slip which you can download by clicking here