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Extracurricular Activities - Adjustment measures as of 16 November 2020


Dear parents,

We're writing to you further to the communication from the school informing about the reopening as of 16 November 2020. Extracurricular Activities organized by the APEEE will resume at the same time.

For our primary school pupils, the activities will resume on a regular basis with some extra precautions and safety measures.

Concerning swimming classes, following the closure of the VUB swimming pool, we will propose an alternative sports activity for our pupils at the school. We'll ask our instructors to ensure social distancing during the activities, to prepare a seating plan and make sure that pupils sit always at the same place. In addition, we'll ask instructors to privilege individual work and limit contacts among pupils to the extent possible.

Finally, primary school pupils who wish to wear a mask during the activity will be encouraged to do so.

Moreover, we're trying to make arrangements for primary pupils in quarantine to connect remotely to their activities. We'll communicate more information on this matter shortly.

For the secondary school, we've been informed that pupils will return to school based on a rotation system. With that in mind, we've had to adapt our activities as follows:

  • All activities will resume at the school and, in parallel, we've made arrangements to allow pupils to connect remotely too.
  • In place of the sports activities which we've had to suspend for the moment, we'll be proposing educational activities to allow our pupils to keep up with their favourite activities and their peers.
  • During the weeks when pupils are on remote learning, we are pleased to propose a remote connect to their activity via Zoom.

Finally, the APEEE will calculate the amounts to be reimbursed for the period corresponding to the school closure.


Kind regards,

Extracurricular Activities Service

APEEE Ixelles