Summer sessions in EEB3


The APEEE welcomes the new modules initiated by the school and the APEEE for secondary students in the final days of June.

The First Aid courses, the introductory and more advanced cultural and linguistic seminars in the Chinese language as well as the APEEE summer session programme ensure all an immersion into subjects that are not part of the school's official programme, which is not just of high quality but also enjoyable.

APEEE Social Fund policy

The APEEE Board adopted recently the first-ever policy on its Social Fund.

Parents are requested to read carefully the eligibility criteria and areas of action. They can contact us for any further information.

BAC Exams

The APEEE has been made aware of several concerns and informal complaints, which were put forward by S7 students and parents during recent weeks in relation to some subjects, specifically Biology 4, History 4, Chemistry and Mathematics on the following grounds: translation errors, substantial inaccuracies, contradictions between the curriculum, the taught subjects and the written instructions. The situation from one to another European School varies significantly as well as the reactions from one linguistic section to another.

Invitation to all the soon-to-be bacheliers 2019 to join their network: ALUMNI EUROPAE

Dear Parents,


first of all, we the board of ALUMNI EUROPAE ( hope, with you, that 2019 will be again a very good vintage year for the candidates for the Baccalauréat Européen. All of us have experienced this decisive examination and we cross for all the candidates our fingers:  Good Luck to all of you.




Please be reminded of the arrangements concerning the last days of the school year, as follows:


June - Meetings in Leuven on Thur 13th (corrected address) & Mindfulness Sat 22 June


Dear parents,

This Thursday 13 June  - we have arranged a support meeting in Leuven for Adults who are autistic, or who have ADHD, dyslexia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia, or dyspraxia.  

This is your chance to meet other Neurodiverse adults and to talk together about your situation.  

What is going well in your life and what tips can you offer to others ?

What isn't going so well ?  What questions do you have ?