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Update on the current situation of the APEEE services running

Dear Parents,


As a consequence of the school closure and following the Belgian federal regulations, a large part of the APEEE staff - including the self-employed monitors in charge of the extracurricular activities - were put on temporary unemployment. 

However, the APEEE management decided to additionally allocate a portion of the usual remuneration to all staff placed on temporary unemployment, as a mark of solidarity to these valuable colleagues and their families, as well as an acknowledgement of the quality of their work, their commitment and loyalty.

To ensure continuity, the administrative staff is working remotely full time. The team can be reached as usual during office hours by email (more information here).

The APEEE Board is constantly monitoring the overall situation, in close consultation with the School management and the Office of the Secretary General of the European Schools. 

New communications concerning the APEEE’s services during the coming weeks will be provided to all parents following the Board meeting of 28 April.


Be safe and stay well.

Kind regards,


The APEEE Ixelles