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APEEE message - Springfest 2020 cancellation

Dear community of the EEBIII,


Unfortunately, as you may know, we have been obliged to cancel our annual Springfest, scheduled for Friday, 8 May 2020. 

The Covid-19 pandemic is affecting a lot our daily lives and short-term planning. The cancellation of this long-awaited event, while regrettable for the organisers and our whole school community, is a direct consequence of the current situation and its unknown development over the coming weeks.

These are challenging times at all levels, and responsible and timely decision-making is essential.


 We would like to thank the parents who volunteered this year for their enthusiasm and personal investment:


Catherine Perrin (APEEE Springfest Manager), Hélène Pestanes (APEEE Springfest Secondary Events Liaison), Agnès Boucheron (APEEE Springfest Primary Games co-ordinator), Martine Steenhouwer (adviser and Eurovillage co-ordinator)


We wish to extend our thanks to all teachers and students who engaged so enthusiastically in the preparations for the 2020 event.   


We'll all miss our annual party, but this is just a postponement: the next Springfest will be even more enjoyable. 

Take good care of yourselves and your family.