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Our mission

We - the Parents' Association of the European School Ixelles - exist to support the  schooling of the children attending our school.

Our stakeholders

The Children

Whatever we do is for our children – so that they can enjoy the school and grow through the support of us all - for the parents, the APEEE staff, the teachers, and the entire school community.

The Parents

Since we represent the parents, they should know what we are doing for their children. We work with them to accomplish our joint mission.

The Teachers

We work with the teachers and support them in their work. We acknowledge their vital contribution to and responsibility for the daily work, which determines the lives of our children. We act as a good partner in full respect of the respective roles and engage in an on-going constructive dialogue.

The school

We work with directors of the school and their staff. While our roles are different, we work in partnership and focus on where we can support each other.

Our values


We work in partnership with the students, the parents, the teachers, and the school community at large as well as with local authorities to accomplish our goals. Where necessary, we liaise with Associations of other Schools and cooperate with them with a view to attaining common objectives.


We support the growth of others and we set the example by continuously improving the way we work ourselves.


We invite participation from new as well as existing parents. We value and seek input from as wide a spectrum of viewpoints and experiences as possible. We welcome and further promote parents' initiatives and their participation in school life.


We act consistently with our beliefs. When we err, we acknowledge the mistake and seek to correct it.


We communicate with the parents, the School direction, the teachers and the kids in an open and transparent manner. We provide parents with all necessary information about decisions or ongoing discussions taking place in appropriate fora. Transparency promotes accountability and provides information for our stakeholders about what we are doing.

Our vision

Our Parents' Association

  • is recognized as the driving force supporting the school in achieving the educational objectives of the children.
  • is a good partner of the European School administration as well as other relevant bodies that create the educational policies affecting our children.
  • provides the best possible service to all children and parents in a cost-effective manner.
  • reacts quickly to the needs of the children and their parents by continuously improving its service offering and adapting it to the changing demand as well as to external developments.
  • operates in full transparency and with direct participation of parents, their children as well as the teachers and school staff.
  • seeks to contribute to a "School of Excellence", where educational content and social responsibility go hand in hand and ensure high-quality standards for the benefit of all children.