EU Summit on 19th and 20th October

Please note that tomorrow and Friday there will be the European summit.

We anticipate possible delays for buses going to Schuman.

Buses to the different garderies will leave the school and will try to take the children to the different garderies or will be directed to garderies offered by their own service.

If they are blocked by the police, the drivers will eventually have to take the children back to school and the parents will be warned that they have to pick them up.

Hermann-Debroux viaduct

Dear parents,

The Hermann-Debroux viaduct will remain shut until (at least) Thursday morning. This situation affects predominantly those school buses that arrive at school via Delta (an sms was sent to all concerned parents); however all bus stops are maintained on the basis of the normal timetable. The school management is informed about possible delays due to these circumstances.

Delays for bus arrivals at school for buses passing through Delta and Kraainem / Wezembeek

Dear parents, given the temporary closure of the Hermann-Debroux viaduct, we estimate that there will be delays in the bus arrivals at school of the buses passing through Delta (51,75,76,77,78,80, 80 B, 85, 86,88) and perhaps those buses passing by Kraainem and Wezembeek (72,72 / 73,73,74). All stops will be in principle served.

Welcome back!

Buses will be running normally as from Wednesday 06/09.

For new parents or the ones who missed the enrolment, the system will be operating again as from Monday 11/09.

Best regards,

Transport Team

Transport Office openhours

The transport office is open from 9h to 4pm.