APEEE contacts during summer holidays

Dear parents,

During summer holidays the APEEE offices will remain closed from Friday, 20 July until Monday, 20 August 2018.

S7 - Interparents memo on 2018 European BAC results

S7 - Interparents memo on 2018 European BAC results 

European Schools parents' support to the victims of the volcanic eruption in Guatemala

Parents Associations take part in the joint initiative in support of the victims in Guatemala.

More information about your own participation can be found out in the following note.

Mr PÉREZ RODRÍGUEZ Rodolfo, EEB1 teacher, can reply to any queries at his e-mail: rodolfo.perez-rodriguez@teacher.eursc.eu

The deadline for your contribution is set for Wednesday, 4 July 2018.

Gentle Reminder… Farewell Messages to Mr Radhuber Livre d'or


Farewell Messages to Markus Radhuber

(Deutsche Version untenstehend)

The end of the current school year is currently approaching. This also marks the end of his last term at the school for Mr Markus Radhuber, Deputy Director for the Secondary School.

Over the last ten years, Mr Radhuber has been guiding the helm of our school, welcoming many generations of first graders, caring for his students during their time at school and sending out young adults as baccalaureate graduates.

Enrolment periods 2018-2019

Dear parents,

We inform you that our e-enrolment platform will remain open for your applications for transport, canteen and extracurricular activities until Friday, 29 June.  It will re-open again on Monday, 9 July 2018.

You will be notified of the status of your applications as of 2nd July.

Kind regards,Your APEEE

Support pupils for research of funds

On September 30th Mateusz Flas student of EEBIII (S2FRD) will participate in the race in memory of his sister who died a year ago of cancer. He is collecting funds to finance this race, and any benefit will go to the young Belgian association - Kickcancer - which finances research in pediatric oncology. For those who wish it is possible to also register as a runner (min 200 euro of harvest for an adult and 100 for a child). Thank you in advance!!!

Need for help for books ressource center

Dear parents,

In November, we will open a new "Teacher's Ressource Center". This center will contain all books bought by the school and kept before into teachers classes. The aim is to reorganize this collection of books, encode them and put them on loan but only for maternal, primary and secondary teachers. Florence Bonnet (secondary librarian) and Annick Tasiaux (primary librarian) are working since january 2018 to get this center going on. But they can't do it alone. In September hundreds of books will be added to the Center and they will need some help to do so.

Chinese course

Going to China this year or just always wanted to learn chinese? Come and join the intensive chinese course which will be organised by the extracurricular activities at EEB3.

  • Chinese15: 25-29 June, 9:00 to 12:00 daily
  • Chinese 24: 25 June – 4 July: 9:00 to 12:00 daily

What to expect?

You will learn the basics of the language (Mandarin) and the Chinese culture, uses and customs

The course covers

Distribution of EEB3 Hoodies

Dear all,

Thank you very much for ordering an EEB3 hoodie this year.

For the secondary, we hope everyone enjoys their hoodies! If your child wasn't able to collect their hoodie last week, they can contact rameshan@student.eursc.eu and collect their hoodie at latest by this Thursday (we cannot guarantee your hoodie will be there).

For the primary, we are extremely sorry for any delays you may have faced with receiving your hoodies, however we only finished labelling each of the hoodies based on the orders, last week.