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The General Meeting

General Meetings (GM) are open to all paid-up members of the association (i.e., parents). They take place at least once a year, generally in December. All paid-up members may participate and propose motions. However, only class representatives have the right to vote.

According to the APEEE's Statutes, the GM has full powers to achieve the association's goals. Its key roles include:

  • electing members of the Management Board. (The GM elects 10 of the 25 Board members: 5 each year for a two-year mandate); and
  • financial decisions, particularly granting discharge for the previous school year and approving the budget for the current school year.

The Management Board

Between GM meetings, the APEEE’s Management Board is responsible for the management and administration of the APEEE’s staff and activities. It has 25 members: the 10 members that the GM elects, 2 members elected from among each language section’s class representatives, 1 for secondary and one for primary classes, and 1 member elected from among the nursery class representatives for all language sections.

The Board elects the following officials from among its members:

  • a President;
  • a Vice-President in charge more specifically of Educational Affairs;
  • a Vice-President in charge more specifically of Administrative Affairs;
  • a Vice-President in charge more specifically of communication;
  • a Secretary;
  • a Treasurer; and
  • persons in charge of the Association's three sectors (transport, canteen and extracurricular activities).

It also elects from among its members two permanent committees responsible for preparing the Board’s decisions: an Executive Committee and Educational Advisory Committee. Each committee meets regularly, generally once a month

APEEE staff

The APEEE's Administrative Office Manager is the primary point of contact for parents. She/he is responsible for staff matters and staff management, in close consultation with the Vice-President for Administrative Affairs.

APEEE staff implement the general policies agreed by the Board as regards the quality, delivery conditions and pricing for the provision of all APEEE services, under the supervision of the Administrative Office Manager and, where appropriate, the Board member in charge of the sector concerned. The operations manager of each sector is responsible for day-to-day management.