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Bus stops will as far as possible serve several families, and when choosing their location, priority will be given to children from the nursery and primary section (except in the case of the 2nd afternoon departure for secondary students).

The following principles apply in the calculation of the bus stops:

  • Belgian traffic legislation applies.
  • Bus stops may not be too close together (the law specifies a minimum distance of 400m between two stops.
  • Buses that follow a route used by the public transport system will generally use official public transport stops so as not to hold up the traffic.
  • The location of the bus stops will be decided annually and may be changed from one year to the next depending on where pupils live.
  • Bus stops are assigned to routes in such a way as to ensure a balanced distribution of pupils between the different buses.
  • The location of certain bus stops may be dictated by the special needs of certain students (disability, etc.).