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The list of routes (showing bus stops and pick-up times) can be consulted at the school transport office. The lists are updated in July and sent by email to parents of registered students.

The maps of the different routes are available on mappy at the transport office for consultation to find the stop that is more convenient for you.

Calculation of bus routes is currently carried out on manual basis, building on lists of currently routes and factoring in the addresses of children registered for each year.

Pupils will only be allowed to travel on a different bus if a written request is made by their parents. This should be done via a note in the child's school agenda to be presented to the transport office the day before. The transport office will authorise the change provided there are places available.

The following principles apply in the calculation of the bus routes:

  • The maximum journey time should not exceed one hour and a quarter (except for stops which are very far away and/or in awkward locations or due to roadworks).
  • The bus stops located furthest from the school are served earlier in the morning than those close to the school. In the afternoon they should be served later than those closer to the school.
  • The area beyond the current routes will not be extended, as Ixelles already covers the largest geographical zone of the European Schools in Brussels.
  • In order to operate a bus route, the revenue generated on the route must cover at least 80% of the costs.