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URGENT: Access to Pre-Baccalaureate Results and Possibility for Appeal

Dear S7 Parents, 

We are writing to inform you about the important issue of access to your student’s pre-Baccalaureate written exam papers; this message is particularly important if you have any concerns about a pre-Bac result of your student and/or are considering the possibility to appeal. 

The official policy as stated in document Arrangements for Implementing the Regulations for the European Baccalaureate (Applicable for the Year 2020 European Baccalaureate session) 

(2015-05-D-12-en-18; is as follows:


6.3.10 Viewing of part examinations (Pre-Baccalaureate)

The candidates, or their legal representatives if the candidates are minors, have the right to view and get a copy of:  

       Their original Pre-Baccalaureate scripts 

       The mark awarded, potential annotation and sub-marking 

       The examination paper

       The marking scheme

 Any documentation made available to candidates will, in the case of those parts containing information about other candidates, be made anonymous. The request must be made in writing to the Director of the School not later than 4 calendar days after the date that shows on the semester report. The Director will make all documents available not later than 3 calendar days after receipt of the request. 

A belated request for the viewing of the examination papers will be inadmissible.

In other words, you (or the student, if 18 or older) can have access to and receive a copy of the full script, marking and supporting documentation of any pre-Baccalaureate exam that your students sat.  However, this request must be made to the Director ( by Tuesday, 18 February.


According to article 12.6 of the same document, the complaints procedure is as follow: 

12.6 These provisions will also apply to the Pre-Baccalaureate examinations. 

Complaints and appeals concerning the Pre-Baccalaureate examinations must be made through the Director of the School attended by the candidate to the Chairman of the Examining Board, by any candidate who claims that a procedural irregularity was prejudicial to him. The claim should be lodged before the 15th of March at the latest.  

The Director of the School will send the complaint or appeal, accompanied by all the relevant documentation for the handling of the case, to the Secretary-General of the European Schools. This must be done electronically not later than 2 working days after receipt of the request by the School. 

If the candidate is a minor, the complaint or appeal must be lodged by his legal representative.

And according to article 12.3:

The complaint or appeal must be made in writing and must contain the de jure and de facto reasons therefore. The complaint or appeal, signed by the candidate if he has reached the age of majority or by his legal representative, will be deposited at the School or sent by registered letter or by email with read receipt.

In other words, any formal complaint must be lodged before March 15 with the Director of the school and addressed to the Chairman of the Examining Board. This complaint must be reasoned and signed and submitted by the legal representative or student if s/he is already 18 years of age. Note: the complaint can be submitted with copies of the script or other documentation from the exam, but this is not necessary.

After the four-day period has elapsed, teachers may use (at their own discretion) the pre-Bac exam scripts and papers in classes as needed for further preparation of students. It may also be possible for students to request and/or photograph the scripts for their own study purpose; however after 15 March, it would no longer be possible to appeal the result.

Below is a grid circulated at Laeken which sums up the rules.


We hope this message goes some way to clarifying the rules and possibilities. You can also consult the information transmitted by the School via SMS. Do not hesitate to contact the S7 Educational Advisor, Ms Konstantina LIONTOU (, if you have further questions.


Kind regards,