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Update on the Canteen – 23/11


As we’re starting our second week with the lunch box system in line with COVID restrictions imposed by the school and Belgium authorities, we would like to inform you about further improvements that have been implemented, based on parents’ and the school direction’s suggestions:

  1. From Monday 23/11, fresh vegetables will be served for P1/P2 children with their lunch box. If the feedback from the school is positive, we would like to extend this to all primary classes.
  2. From Thursday 19/11, fresh soup is served for secondary students in biodegradable cups with take-away lids. The idea of fresh soup for primary classes was abandoned because of safety concerns expressed by the school. 
  3. For the sandwiches, different new ingredients will be used to improve the quality/diversification.
  4. Secondary students can pre-order a vegetarian option of the lunch box; the order must be made via Online Sales in MyAPEEE for the whole week ahead, by Thursday 15:00 of the current week at the latest.
  5. We are extending the deadline for free cancellation of the lunches to Thursday 26/11 15:00, because S1, S3 and S5 started with the in-situ school only this week.


Thank you for your support!

The canteen team