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School bus evacuation drills (17/02 - 30/3)

The APEEE is organising school bus evacuation drills for all pupils using school buses with the aim of further increasing safety and security on board. We consider it essential for pupils to know how to properly and rapidly vacate a school bus in case of need.


The bus evacuation exercises will take place over a period of several weeks (17/02 - 30/03),upon the arrival of pupils to school, in their usual morning buses. The indicative planning (see attached) foresees two buses per day. These exercises concern all pupils and will be conducted on the basis of the actual composition of each morning bus, comprising pupils from MAT to S7. This will allow us to replicate real-time conditions in case of an emergency. The School management is informed about the organisation of these exercises, and will be notified in the event of slight morning delays for pupils following the training.


The evacuation exercises will be carried out by the APEEE staff in the Transport Office, with the active participation of our bus monitors. For this purpose, our APEEE transport staff and bus monitors have followed a day-long “training for trainers”, given by a specialised external provider (ICB - “Institut pour l’autoCar & l’autoBus”).


Particular attention will be given to our younger pupils in order to make sure that they understand the purpose of the exercise, while ensuring that no unnecessary stress or anxiety is caused. Please note that, on this occasion, our staff will recapitulate the basic safety rules to be observed by the pupils on board. 


Parents and pupils will receive an information note including the basic elements of the school bus evacuation drills.


For more information, please contact the APEEE Transport Office.