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Rainbow 4 Kids 2020 - Kenya Biology Challenge

A big thanks to the EEB3 students and the APEEE Ixelles for their incredible support to the Rainbow4kids project!

The ASBL Professeurs de francophones belges de bio "Probio" proposed to the teachers to participate in a contest with their classes in order to create videos and remote tools to better cope with situations such as Covid19 in the future.


This project was associated with a project that EEB3 has been supporting for years: Rainbow4kids.

This is a partnership with a primary school in Kenya (which has 441 pupils), which the pupils of EEB3 support through a bakes sale and a collection of school materials - involving all sections together, organized before the Easter holidays.

Unfortunately, this year, with the Covid19, all this had to be cancelled, to the great disappointment of our highly motivated pupils.

Just like in Belgium, Kenya has gone into confinement and the children can no longer go to school where they used to get two meals a day... Nevertheless, parents go to pick up homework once a week for the little ones and bring it back to school for the teachers (because the children are strictly confined at home).

Some teachers noticed that the children were hungry because, in addition to the Covid19 , the rain wreaked havoc on the crops this year and prices soared.

The school has launched a support plan to give 1kg of semolina per child per week, which helps a little bit the families in difficulty, therefore made an urgent appeal for donations (Help! Our children are hungry!)


In this context, I proposed to our volunteer students to take part in the biology competition, by proposing them subjects but also by accepting their ideas, as long as they were related to biology, and to sponsor them by giving 5 euros per participating student per video.

This is a "Win-Win" project as our students learn and demonstrate their skills, share knowledge, and thus help Kenya by bringing money to the primary school.

The result of this "Biology for Kenya" challenge is incredible as 120 students from all sections participated and submitted 33 high quality works!


In view of the students' commitment, the APEEE has decided to contribute to this project and to help the school by sending 1000 euros to Kenya! Thanks to Mr Papadopoulos, Mr Payne and the whole APEEE!

All this brings the total fund to 1600 euros, an unexpected result in these difficult times!

Mrs Katrien Vermeersch, called "Mamarainbow" and founder of the school, wept when she saw how committed our School Community had been to this help!

I join her in thanking the management, the APEEE for its touching donation, the students who have done incredible work to meet the challenge, and finally the parents who, behind the scenes, have helped their children in the videos and have sometimes made donations to the school anonymously and personally.

Thank you to the entire EEB3 School Community and bravo to the students who are building the world of tomorrow! And with what energy! BRAVO !!! 

You will find attached the links to their superb work.

Kind regards,

Christine De Mulder

Katrien Vermeersch

Katrien Vermeersch – "Mama Rainbow"



Big thanks from Kenya



Vidéos de biologie réalisées dans le cadre du défi « Bio pour le Kenya »



Les sols calcaires :


La croissance des plantes dans l’espace :


Les méfaits du tabac sur la santé :


Les diabètes et la régulation de la glycémie :


Génétique : « Pourquoi sommes-nous tous différents ?


Spéciation allopatrique :


Le cancer :


Chanson « fun » de génétique :


L’Homo sapiens parmi les singes :


La chanson de l’ADN :


Pourquoi les marsupiaux ne sont-ils présents qu’en Océanie ?


La théorie endosymbiotique :


Structure des cellules animale et végétale :


La génération spontanée et Pasteur :


Darwin – Son histoire et sa théorie :


Le système circulatoire de l’Être humain :


Vocabulaire de base de génétique classique :


Introduction à la notion d’évolution :


Intro à la notion de génétique :


La théorie de l’évolution de Lamarck :


La respiration :


Le système ABO et les groupes sanguins :


Intro à l’ADN :


Le fonctionnement du cœur :


Évolution de la lignée humaine :


Les dangers des UV et l’utilisation de crème solaire :


Le tabagisme :


Avoir un mode de vie sain :


Comparaison entre l’Homme moderne et les autres singes :


Comment les animaux en voie de disparition sont-ils protégés par les zoos ?


La cellule animale et la cellule végétale :


Les transferts d’énergie lors de la photosynthèse et de la respiration :


Les bienfaits du sport sur l’organisme :


La sélection naturelle :



Site Internet réalisé dans le cadre du défi « Bio pour le Kenya »


Le système immunitaire :