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Message on the Summer Camp for Secondary pupils and on the Chinese Summer Camp organised in cooperation with the school

For the last two weeks of the school year 2018-2019, the APEEE organised a Summer Stages for our Secondary school pupils like in previous years.Our Extracurricular Activities office put together a programme of fun combining sports (including gymnastics, circus, and martial arts) and artistic activities such as drawing. The cherry on the cake was probably the day-trip to Walibi on the last day of the programme and memories to last until the next version of our Summer Stage in 2020!

For those Secondary school pupils who love languages and culture, the APEEE working closely with the school organised a Chinese language and culture stage. Over five (5) days, our pupils got to discover Chinese calligraphy and painting and learnt how to play Chinese board games. On the last day of the programme, the pupils and their teachers shared proudly their experiences with parents and friends in a closing ceremony involving singing, dancing and a short play, which introduced the audience to Chinese table manners.  

After the Chinese Summer Stage, our pupils form the group of 6th and 7th graders left on a 3-week trip to China. We’ll be sharing more information about their experiences in Chine in one of our future Newsletters.