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How to contact the APEEE

The new communications methods and time will be in place as of December 1st 2017 

A. By phone
In order to provide an optimal service for each of the services of the APEEE, we inform you that all calls regarding general information or for specific information will be processed only during the following hous depending each service every working day of the school. 

Telephone numbers
APEEE Office: 02 211 40 00 from 9AM to 12AM
Transport: 02 211 40 03 from 10AM to 12AM
Extracurricular Activities: 02 211 40 04 from 10AM to 12AM 
Canteen: 02 211 40 05 from 10AM to 12AM
HelpDesk: 02 211 40 01 from 9AM to 12AM

Outside these hours, only urgent calls for daily problems or one-time changes will be handled. 

B. By e-mail:
You could always contact us for any questions by e-mail to the sector's e-mail address below.

List of e-mails 
APEEE office:
Extracurricular Activities: 

Except in case of emergency, our services are obliged to answer you within the next five (5) working days.

Thank you for your collaboration and understanding.