3 - 7 June 2019


Dear Parents,

In the context of the broader project for a sustainable and eco-friendly school inaugurated at the Springfest to celebrate the 20 years of our school, the canteen is introducing the Green Week. During the week of 3 – 7 June 2019, our canteen staff will prepare and serve a variety of delicious and healthy meat-free dishes, as part of an ongoing effort to offer a healthy, eco-friendly and balanced nutrition.

Since 2010, the United Nations urges everyone to eat less meat, poultry and fish to combat the most devastating effects of climate change. Eating meat-free meals a couple of times a week can help reduce our carbon footprint and save precious resources like fossil fuel and fresh water in addition to promoting animal welfare. Moreover, there is increasing evidence indicating that meat-free meals are good for our health too (for adults and children alike). Plant-based proteins are a good substitute for meat and offer more benefits as they are rich in fibre, vitamins and other nutrients. Reducing our meat consumption is thus better for our health and for the planet.

There is no better place to raise awareness and educate children about health and nutrition than at school. Introducing more sustainable, healthy and ethical menu options in the school canteen is something that all schools should embrace. Green Week is a great way to turn it into a valuable educational initiative for students, aiming to show students the benefits and pleasures of meat free dishes!

The Canteen WG would welcome feedback from parents and pupils about their Green Week experience.