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BAC moderation  

Several parents have complained to APEEE - and rightly so - about both the way the moderation was applied and about the presentational effects on the certificates distributed yesterday.

Their main arguments, which we fully support, are as follows:

  1. The method behind the moderation was fully obscure; on the contrary, it should have been presented, thereby making clear the criteria and the moderation rates while providing evidence to external stakeholders about the way it was applied;
  2. The way that the uniform marks per subject are presented on the certificate does not make any sense; it sends out a wrong impression about students' continuous performance up until June as well as in written exams (pre-Bac);
  3. The "real mark" before any moderation and the mark after moderation should have been calculated and presented separately; it would be of enormous benefit for some academic establishments to be able to identify easily the real mark instead of an totally artificial final mark, which diverges arithmetically from the uniform presentation of individual subjects as explained under 2. Some of our students are not succeeding in their entry into universities in all EU MS for want of a few decimals. A different presentational effect might have preserved their legitimate expectations.

The APEEE wishes to convey its full support and complete understanding for the frustration of S7 class. Since yesterday we are in contact with Interparents representatives and we are exploring the best way forward. Similar deception was expressed in all European Schools. The IP note we shared yesterday outlines all legal avenues (administrative and judicial appeals) at parents' disposal.  

We have asked the School to provide all background information and to undertake all possible corrective action in agreement with the Office of the Secretary-General, which bears the utmost responsibility for transposing in a correct manner the decision of the Board of Governors of April 2020. All families need to know the precise moderation formula. Nothing less!